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Nurtured - Engaged - Strategic - Thinkers

Helping children SOAR

For children aged 5.5-11 years old.  Click link above for more information

The Studio is our atelier space attached to The Nest.  We hold Arts classes for elementary school aged children.

For children in grades K-5 at time of entry.  Early Dismissal and Pro-D day camps.

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At The Nest ELC, we offer our Owls pre-kindergarten program for children aged 3 -5 years old and various after school arts classes & pro-d day arts camps for elementary  school aged children. We'd love to share the magic with your family!

Our Approach

We are unwavering in the pursuit of early learning excellence, The Nest Early Learning Center is the Pemberton's answer to a purposeful, high-quality early learning program within our Montessori and Reggio Emilia inspired center.  Our educators bring wonder and awe into the classroom through active participation, experimentation, exploration, and presenting learning provocations based on the children's interests. The Nest has been created as a home away from home for young learners, with plenty of scope for play and connection, curiosity and interaction fostered through gentle nurturing.

We strongly believe all children are strong, capable and resilient; full of wonder and knowledge.  We present opportunities for hands on experiential learning in the five key areas of study in The Montessori philosophy: Practical Life, Sensorial, Mathematics, Language, and Culture. 


It is our belief that all children have a voice. The Nest provides opportunities for children to share their ideas, opinions and make connections in their learning journey. We promote social responsibility, equality and encourage our student's social and emotional growth through mindfulness rituals and routines. 

Our Curriculum is respectful of children, their rights and their desire to learn. We also believe that every child brings with them a deep curiosity that drives their interest to understand their world and their place within it. Our goal is to embrace this curiosity, challenge each child’s thinking and facilitate their eagerness to learn and construct understanding.


We create a monthly theme-based curriculum which is a framework for learning, providing opportunities for children to deeply explore concepts, scaffold their learning whilst also providing the freedom to follow children's areas of interest, and the ability to promote individualized learning outcomes. 

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Our Beliefs

Emmy's mom

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A Day in the life in our Owls Pre-Kindergaten class at The Nest. A day sprinkled in the magic of childhood full of enriched hands on learning and exploration!

Thank you Neve Petersen of Free Burds Photography for capturing these magical moments!

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