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Eagles Licensed Aftercare Program
We have a few spaces available in our licensed aftercare program starting this week for K/1 students!
Children will be picked up at SHE and brought to The Nest Early Learning Center Pemberton, B.C where they will can create in our art studio and decompress and play in our enriched playroom after a busy school day. Our nurturing facilitators create a home away from home atmosphere where children feel free to use their imaginations and be themselves.
3-4:45 M-Thursdays

$30/day (we are applying for Childcare Fee Reduction Initiative however we are yet unsure what the discount will be)
Fill out this form to see if it's a good fit for your child!

*You only pay for days that we provide care (ie. you do not pay for pro d days, early dismissal days, or stat holidays as we do not have aftercare on those days)
*Day camps available for non school days

We look forward to welcoming your child!

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