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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we pay the same amount monthly for Owls?


Our Pre K Owls fees are based on an annual enrollment, divided into monthly payments. You are NOT charged for statutory holidays (please don't worry for M/W/F or full time families, the stat holidays are not factored into the fee calculations). In December, we are closed for 2 weeks and in September before labour day we have Professional Development days. These days are accrued throughout the school year because we charge based on 20 workdays/month and there are 20.9 (excluding stat holidays) workdays per month.

Every year, A Kid's Space Childcare Centre will close around Christmas time for 2 weeks. The dates will change each year. But it will always be around the same time. All staff will be paid for these 2 weeks off. There will be no refunds for monthly payments for these 2 weeks. The owner/operator of the centre has calculated it so that monthly fees are based on 20 business days each month. A full time family would pay for 20 days per month if their child was enrolled Monday-Friday. If another family was enrolled for Tuesday/Thursdays, they would pay monthly fees for 8 days per month. Please note that some months actually have more than 20 business days. So when our staff take 2 weeks off at Christmas with pay, it actually makes up for the extra business days that we are not charging families for. Taking these 2 weeks off will give all staff the chance to spend time with their families and re-charge for the new year to get back to work with the children.


Why is the Eagles After School Care charged per day enrolled, making the invoices different each month?


The Eagles After School Care is aligned to run on days when public school is in full session, and not on Pro D, Early Dismissal or breaks such as Spring Break, Winter Break and Summer Holidays. Participants are only charged, monthly, for the days scheduled. If care is needed on days when public school is not in session, we offer day camps, Spring Break and Summer camps which can be registered for separately. This way, if you do not require care for your child on non-school days, you will not be charged for it.



How do I apply for subsidy (Affordable Child Care Benefit)?


Email us at with your interest to apply for the ACCB subsidy. There are two ways to submit your application.

  1. Online: You can fill it out online and submit. We will receive an email notification and confirm your entered data. 

  2. Mail: You can print out a paper application form and bring it to the Nest. We need to partially fill out one of them and then you complete them and submit them to the Affordable Childcare Benefit Program.


This is the link where you can find both online and paper forms: 

Forms for the Affordable Child Care Benefit - Province of British Columbia (

Just click on 'Paper-based application form' and it will expand. From there you can click on 'apply online' or click on 'Affordable Child Care Benefit Application Form (CF2900)(PDF) to print it out.


Here is more information about the Affordable Childcare Benefit Program.



How do I sign my child in and out each day?


Each parent, guardian and emergency contact who is marked as allowed to pick up in their portal is able to sign in and out their child on the Esikidz App. Follow the steps on the App, sign with a signature and click Submit. If you have any questions about this please email us.



How do I let the school know if my child will be absent for any reason including illness, vacation or other?


If your child is absent due to illness, vacation or any other reason for one day, simply send us a message in your Esikidz App. If your child will be absent for a longer period of time, please send us an email with the dates to



Where can I see the school calendar and school closure dates?


In your portal you can find our school calendar with school closure dates and Early Dismissals under School Documents. Usually we send you our school calendar with your enrollment email. 



When am I billed and when are invoices due?


You will receive your invoice on approximately the 3rd week of each month, and it is due by noon on the 1st of next month. For example, in the 3rd week of July, you will receive your invoice for September, and it is due by Aug 1. You can view your invoices and billing and payment history under the billing tab in your portal.


Which are my payment option to pay my child’s tuition?


There are 2 payment options activated to choose from: 


- Credit Card (with a 3.9% transactional fee)

- E-Transfer (with a transactional fee of 0.4% of the payment amount, with a maximum cap fee of $2.00 per transaction)


Follow these instructions:

- Scroll all the way down to $Tuition Tax & Subsidy

- Click on the grey field with the invoice (in this case September) 

- Click 'Pay Tuition'

- Click on '! E-Transfer Instruction'

- You will find the e-transfer email address you need to send your tuition to and you can copy your child's personal Student ID to your clipboard and add it to the message area within your transaction (your Student ID will be the first and last name of your child with no space). 


This way our Esikidz system will know that your invoice has been paid and we don't need to follow up manually. 


Is it possible to set up Automatic Withdrawal?

You can set up Automatic Withdrawal within your banking App by setting up a recurring monthly EMT if you bank with a major institution. Within the payment, change the frequency of your payment to ‘Monthly’.

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